I have a small pink mole on my chin, which has grown larger because I've been ripping hair out of it for YEARS. I rip em out because the hairs are annoying. They're much sturdier than normal hair and are sharp, and I get a feeling of satisfacton when I get one out.However, it's a disgusting habit. I've caught myself doing it many times, but I still end up forgetting to avoid touching it. I tried putting a bandaid on my chin, but I can't keep it there forever. If i rip hairs out, it grows temporarily larger.How do I stop? And if I successfully stop ripping hairs out, will it shrink down to its original size?And no, I can't go to a dermatologist for removal as of now because I'm 17 and my parents are telling me to wait till I'm 18 and do it on my own time.

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    1. Di it now while your on your parents insurance.Those things can get cancerous when a Carrier turns 18.