I'm a girl and I'm wanting to know the best way to remove pubic hair, like shave, wax, cream to leave minimal itching

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    1. Shaving does leave the itchy spots but waxing does the job. It does really hurt when done but afterwards it only stings for a little while if done properly. Consider going to see a professional before doing it at home, doing it at home with little knowledge could lead to you tearing skin, ouch!

    2. they all work but i perfer shaving it is less painlful if u r careful not to cut ur self the set back with it is you need to do it more often

    3. I”m a guy and I prefer pubic hair on a girl/woman. Just trim it with scissors if you think its too much. Don’t remove it! You’re not 6 y/o anymore are you?

    4. they make razors (for shaving) that area. they cost may 7 dollars. i don’t know about waxing.

    5. don’t shave! that’s like the worst thing you can do for your hairs/skin! do yourself a favor, get it waxed…just have a professional do it. the results of having a non-trained/experienced person do it usually leads to lots of itchiness, redness, ingrown hairs, bruising/tearing of the skin, and scarring.when you go see a wax lady, just tell the lady what you want taken off, even if its everything she can still wax off all the hair down there! that includes your whole front, between the legs, around your butt crack and your butt cheeks. some people don’t automatically wax between the butt cheeks so you may have to ask to get that done as well. just make sure you tell her what you do and don’t want taken off.you might get some redness, possibly some bumps here and there, but they will probably go away within a few hours or so.my personal experience, i have been waxing most of my body, including the butt and brazilian, and have noticed that the hairs come back shorter, finer, more sparse, and take longer to grow out with each waxing session…these waxings i have been doing for several years and have noticed a SIGNIFICANT difference! =)whenever I get all those areas waxed it the bill comes out a little over $100 plus tip.keep in mind i am a guy which explains the higher price. i live in Odenton, Maryland so I am not sure about the price in your area. you may wanna check out phone books for that.when you go to your wax session make sure that the hairs are no shorter then a quarter inch, but no longer then half an inch. this will help the wax to fully grip the hairs and it’s less painful when the hairs are shorter! if your hairs are too long then the wax lady can simply trim them at no extra charge :) regarding the pain, it hurts at first, but not as much with each additional waxing session. the pain level for your first time will probably be an 8…next time a 6, than 4, maybe 2, and just 1 to none from then on. just make sure you go to a professional and they will have creams. its much better to wax though since the results are long term and your skin will be baby soft/smooth for a long time, way over a month =)while getting waxed you may be asked to moved your legs in a few different directions to help with better access down there. you will be laying down the whole time, except when doing the butt and butt crack of course. all you really need to do is just relax, talk to the lady to help the time go by faster and try to not think about the actual wax session. don’t feel embarrassed when you are spreading/opening up wide down there, the waxing lady does this everyday to men and women so you are not the only one :) after waxing a few times some hairs will stop growing back, however, for permanent results you may wanna try laser hair removal. after the first session i noticed that in some areas the hair did not grow back at all! try it if you would like, its gonna cost ya a pretty penny, but its painless and the results last forever. because each persons’ skin type is different you may have to get multiple treatments for all hair to be gone. on average you need 5 to 6 treatments. having laser hair removal done is a VERY patient, but rewarding process. if you do not have the patience for it, or don’t stick to the laser hair removal plan/treatment timelines, than it will be ineffective.if you have any other concerns you can message me at my facebook or myspace…myspace.com/fearless_interigatorjack.delanuez@facebook.comthanks for reading :) -Jack

    6. Why cant you just trim it ? Shaving leaves a shaving rash, waxing is sore, hair removal cream for the bikini area is the best thing to use if you seriously want to look like a child again.All the best.

    7. Hair removal cream. Nair.