Ok, so it is not for me, I use Razor and i am cool with that.But it is for my girlfriend, we were watching TV and the commercial came on. Here is the story: She has some "peach fuzz" on her lip, cant really be noticed but sometimes it can, i dont really mind it, but she does, and the other thing is on her tummy. Do not think she has a jungle going on, but she is a brunette, and her skin is pretty pale, not like sick pale, but like porcelain pale, very attractive... kinda like the girl from that WWII Russian Sniper movie... Behind enemy gates?... ok i def. got side tracked, haha... moving on...She for some reason decided to shave her peach fuzz on her stomach when she was in 5th grade or so, so now that she is in college it is slightly noticeable from far away, but very noticeable for me because i get very close to get stomach (if you know what i mean, ha ha) and she is not going to wax it, and lazer is too expensive and painful.Does the No!No! work, does it make hair grow thicker (DO NOT want!). any other methods of hair removal? (College kids budget friendly please!)Thanks!

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    1. There are some good and bad reviews about the NoNo hair removal system. However there are some things you could try that are not that expensive at home. You can read about some of the best at home hair removal systems here [external link] Some of the suggestions should be able to help her.

    2. HI! i strongly suggest sugaring-which is a type of hair removal mixture you can make with sugar, lemon or lime juice and water. It’s so simple and its like waxing but WITHOUT the pain!Also i saw the commercial too.don’t buy it, its worthless like every other infomercial out there that doesn’t work :)