Hi I somehow got marker ink on my Bitty Baby's arms, hands, and face. I don't now how it got there I don't play with the Bitty Baby any more but it's really special to me I've had it since I was like 2 or 3. I tried hairspray, acne medicine, and nail polish remover but nothing seemed to work!

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    1. here’s one idea [external link]

    2. I saw a show on cleaning and they featured ink removal on dolls. They said to cover the ink stain with benzoyl peroxide cream and then put a piece of saran wrap over it so it doesn’t dry out. Place the item in the sun for a few hours. After the time is up, wash the ink spot. They said it may have to be retreated, but it did seem to work very well. I do hope it works for you!

    3. rubbing alcohol will do the trick. hairspray *used* to be a good idea but now they make hair products with less and less alcohol. that is the ingredient you’re looking for.

    4. mr clean magic eraser

    5. throw it away an get a new one, if there sold out then jus tell poeple its a special one an there birth marks

    6. I remember as a little girl taking my Barbie doll to the cleaners and the kind man there tried taking the magic marker ink off her arm with banana oil.It faded it a little but didn’t remove it.You might not get it off the doll if she’s made of the same vinyl material as Barbie was.