So I have a barbie doll and I put blue sharpie marker on it's hair which winded up on it's face. I tried rubbing achaol but that didn't work. And I'm out of nail polish and I don't own mr. Clean products. Is there anyway can remove this sharpie from the barbie. Thanks

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    1. Not sure about the doll, but a product called Goo-B-Gone (spray cleaner) does well at removing marker stains from most surfaces. Might want to test it on another plastic or cloth before applying to the doll, but it does work well at marker stain me…I have a 5 year-old.

    2. Bug spray works i just tried it and it does work hope this helps! Report Abuse

    3. I don’t know if this works for barbies and im not going to try. So I colored on a notebook with sharpie once and when it dried i colored over it with a highlighter. Then I rubbed it off and found that when the highlighter came off so did the sharpie. Hope this helps!

    4. Permanent markers are permanent. You might try an electric eraser or pen eraser. You can also use a straight edge razor blade and scratch away lightly. It is also possible to use a fine sand paper. Basically you have to remove some of the surface. They do sell products that might work for removal. You have to know what the material is actually made up of. Why don’t you call the manufacturer? Good luck!