I've considered waxing or shaving my legs just to try it, but I'm scared the hair will be even darker if I do.. some of my friends say it but I don't know who to believe!Also, can you recommend a good shaving cream brand?Thanks!

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    1. Nah it comes back thicker, which makes it look darker, just wax it.

    2. no, actually this is a myth, the only reason it “seems” to come back darker and thicker is because u are seeing the blunt edge which you shaved off before. every time u shave, u make a “blunt” edge on the hair follicle, if it was pointed it wouldn’t appear as thick.

    3. Yes, ive herd that aswel.. i think its true !A good shaving cream would be ” VEET”Goood luck x

    4. yes its true.I shave up to my legs, I have used such things as veet or nair, but I always go back to shaving… just seems the easiest to me

    5. its true especially if you already have dark hair!… trust me learn from my mistakes. I shaved my arms when i was like 15 as a dare, not im 21 and they are black and ugly..its digusting dont shave your arms! try VEET on ur legs for wax. waxing is best for your legs!

    6. Not only darker, BUT THICKER!

    7. It all depends on your hair type. Try it in a small area that isn’t going to be seen by anyone and see how it tests out for you.

    8. no the hair just looks darker because when u shave u are just cutting off the tip so when it grows out the hair looks thicker. so if u tweeze or wax it doesn’t it doesn’t look like that because u pull the whole hair out and the tip is smaller and thinner.. get it? lol

    9. Nah, it doesn’t. Under your arms can be tricky, and from what I find (with shaving), the hair never seems to go away completely. I’m getting laser hair removal when I’m older, but if you do it before you reach your mid-20′s you risk the hair growing back.For now, I use Nair. It’s a cream that, when you leave it on for five minutes and you can leave it on for up to ten minutes, dissolves the hair. It works well for me, and I think there are a few different types of it. Maybe it’ll work for you too. The hair stays away for about two weeks with it, and it’s less painful than shaving or waxing.

    10. Sometimes yes, when hair is shaved rather than waxed it grows back thicker.it is better to wax.Don’t start shaving your legs until you have to…especially in winter, shave every few weeks.

    11. If you have natural black or brown hair, on your head, and arms and legs, it won’t come in darker.If you have blonde hair then yes it will come in darker.Good shaving cream is nair.

    12. yes, shaving stimulates the hair folicle. thats why most men get thick, scratchy stubble on their faces: from shaving for years!

    13. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO absolute myth- it just feels that way coz its just been bluntly cut across the surface of the skin.

    14. well i shave and i’m 14 and it does feel a little spikey but if u shave 2 in 2 days it stays really nice…And the more u do it the longer it takes to grow atleast thats what i found??I have tried veet with this blade less razor thing and it hurt like heck..First i had this prickling feeling all over my legs and then it went red and started to burn…it was horrible i have never used it again…But i use shaving cream when i shave and i use a men’s one(i know totally weird) but i find that the men’s one works better for me when shaving and its also better to use than soap..Good Luck

    15. waxing is the bettre option.

    16. That’s only when your 12….Beyond that no it doesn’t

    17. they do come back thicker , sometimes darker …depending on ut origan. i have been shaving for over 6 years and my leg hairs r still blonde , waxing is better for u in the long run but u have to wait for it to grow about a cm b4 u can get it waxed , waether as shavin u can shave it everyday if u want too , and with waxing u have to make an appiontment and pay more.but if u start with waxing …after about 10 years u will have like no hait here.a good shavin cream.proberly gellette.. u can get nice scented ones..yum

    18. My hair is blonde, so my arm and leg hair is blonde. It’s never gotten darker. I’m 20, and I only shave my legs about every 2-3 weeks. =P

    19. Waxing hurts (not seriously but does hurt) and shaving is easy if you are careful at first. The reason some people say that shaving or however you remove the hair, makes it come back darker is because the hair is new and not exposed to sunlight and just thins toward the end from time. So technically it seems darker but shaving or waxing will NOT make more hair grow, no more than what was already there. If you have never shaved think about it…most girls once they shave their legs they keep doing it. If you arent ready to add that to your schedule then wait a bit.

    20. Absolute myth. [external link] use conditioner as shaving cream. It makes me supa smooth.

    21. Yes they do grow back black but they dont get any blacker then after your first time, and you cant just shave once and then just never do it again you have to keep shaving or you will turn into a hairy mammoth

    22. shaving will grow back within 3+days but waxing lasts for about a few monthsand most the of time its grows back darker when you shave waxing i dont know

    23. yesand also try using veet

    24. No, that is completely false. One of the most well known and most believed myth. When you cut the hair, it can not change the properties of your hair. The hair will feel thicker/coarser when it grows back because the end of your hair is naturally rounded and when you shave it it chops it off causing it to be jagged making it feel thicker. As far as color, it changes colors it’s because of your genetics not because you shaved. I have been shaving my legs since I was like 10 and it’s not darker and I’ve been shaving my arms for about 4 years and it is no darker than the day I first shaved them. There is a person that told you Veet was a good shaving cream…IT IS NOT A SHAVING CREAM. It is a hair remover that chemically destroys the hair and causes it to break off. It works very well. I use it on my arms. It only takes 3 minutes and leaves no razor burn. For my legs I use men’s shaving gel made by Gillette. You will have to start shaving/waxing/removing the hair from your legs eventually though. I don’t know any guys that like feeling hairy legs on their girlfriend. Oh yeah and waxing will hurt like crazy. I don’t recommend it. It only lasts about 1-2 weeks (not a couple months like someone put in their answer)maybe 3 weeks tops if your lucky. Shaving only lasts a day or two and using a remover lasts between 4-9 days depending on how fast your hair grows. Everyone is different. Hope I helped some! Good luck!

    25. Hey, well yeah it is true. When you shave the hair naturally grows back a bit thicker and a bit darker and because it hasn’t had light on it it wont show as blond. So if you do do it once you’ll probably have to keep doing it. I’d guess you a bit young seeing as how you’ve never shaved before. Don’t worry about it, I was worried before I started shaving but it’s a piece of cake. :) Just never, ever, shave any where except for your legs. Waxing is good too, it’s better then shaving because it fully removes hair (temporarily) and slowly reduces it. It will still grow back darker and thicker though. Shaving cream brands don’t really matter all that much. Just make sure you have a decent razor and use plenty of quality shaving cream or body wash. I hope this helps. :) Good luck.

    26. That is a wives tale. Cutting the hair will not change the hair color. Does cutting the hair on your head change it’s color? The only thing that it will do is temporary change the texture of the hair. When you shave the hair off, it will create a very blunt surface on the end of the hair, thus feeling stiff and nubby when it grows back in.

    27. yea it comes back thicker too,but i like shaving.i dont really mind it.i just use soap or my razor comes with gel thingys that helps too.

    28. Yes. It’s a well known fact.

    29. why shave ur arms and legs?shopping malls are full of waxing creams and other accessories, u should try them, not even boys shave there arms legs, it a GOD given thing,