My god. Stubble growing back is coarse and rough and itchy not to mention the painful ingrown hairs. Y is grooming so painful? How to make it softer

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  • Nipple hair comes back as ingrown hairs - I am a girl. I have dark nipple hair that’s gross and I hate it. I tweeze them but in between tweezings, they come back itchy and get inflamed sometimes and get in grown hairs and everything. I have a bf and each time they start growing back I have to make excuses as to


    1. To keep perverts away

    2. exfoliate before shaving/waxing. this will remove dead skin cells and lessen your chances of getting clogged, infected hair follicles(red and itchy bumps). and just let the area air dry after any hair removal – using lotions and rubbing too much will also lead to clogged pores/agitation

    3. you can’t just shave it and move on lol use the venus shaver and skintimate shaving lotion and maybe some Palmers Cocoa Butter

    4. i dunno =[[

    5. Because you don’t condition.