I do not have time or money to go to a salon.I bleached my hair from Blue-Black using Loreal Colorist Secrets Haircolor Remover. My roots are now bright yellow, then a coppery orange though the middle and bright yellow ends. I have a medium ash blonde dye that I was intending to dye my hair. Will this correct the tones in my hair or do I need to bleach again?The stores are already closed here but I can go in the morning and get more dye. HELP!

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    1. oh my goodness. that sounds like a nightmare. In my opinion, if you put the ash blonde dye on your hair you will come out with a silvery/grey/purple/white color.if you go to the salon, like a cheap hair cuttery one, a single process dye job with a toner is like $30 bucks. If you go buy more stuff at the store tomorrow, its easily going to be 10-15 bucks as it is. Please consider having someone dye it for you.

    2. honey you need to tone, then bleach, then tone agin.when you bleach the second time do not put it on your roots

    3. Your stuck with it, unless you go to a salon. NEVER! use it again, did the same to me.

    4. Ashy tones will counteract the orangeness slightly but its still going to be brassy. Thats sadly the best over the counter bleach can do :-/

    5. STOP putting drug store hair dye on your hair!! I know its expensive, but unless you want to look stupid then go to a salon. It costs $$$ to be and stay blonde. PLEASE, if your going to do blonde do it right!! Its so easy to end up looking trashy with blonde hair if its not done right!!