I have tried vinegar, hairspray,ajax cleanser,soak,

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  • How do you get black gel ink out of carpet? - Use cool water to soak and blot the spot.don’t rub. Blot dry and then put hairspray on it..blot that dry. If that doen’t work, put white vinegar on it. Don’t rub no matter what and don’t use hot water as that could set the stain.See this link…it might help: [external
  • Do you think the dry cleaners can get these HUGE permanent marker stain off my shirt? - I’ve tried getting it off with hairspray, nail polish remover, hand sanitizer, and white vinegar. Now the stains look worse than before… Do you think they can get it out? How much would it cost?
  • What can I use to get sharpie off - I have tried hairspray, rubbing alcohol, vinegar, nail polish remover, and i put dry erase maker on it then wiped it off and i did not work. Please help. I got it on my calculator. i have had it for 2 years but it looks like this, but it is not in the packing, and
  • How do I get hairspray residue off of my mirror? - I just got new closet door mirrors and every time I clean them I notice more and more hairspray residue; looks more like little fine dots that do not come off. I have tried everything, if anyone can provide some ideas of what to use I would be very grateful! So far I have tried
  • Sugaring Hair Removal with Vinegar - I want to try sugaring, but I am wondering if it worked better or worse if you use vinegar instead of lemon juice. And also, can you make it in the microwave? Can you give me any details on that? And is it any harder on your skin if you use vinegar
  • What is the best way to remover permanent marker? - I’m doing a science fair project about “How Permanment is Permanent Marker.” I have tried baking soda, toothpaste, hairspray, nail polish removal, rubbing alcohol, vinegar, bleach, spray and wash and all products put together. I have tried it on wood, cotton, demin, and paper.Each of the products can’t remove it!Please help!Thanks in advance
  • How to remove pernament marker from a table - Try spraying hair spray on the mark. I am not sure what type of table it is maybe spray the hairspray on a cotton ball or rag and then .try and wiping over the mark. You could also try mr Clean magic eraser the might help to. I would totally try the hairspray first. Hairspray

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    1. You can try rubbing alcohol as it will dissolve some inks. If it’s permanent marker you can try graffiti remover (comes in a spray can), but you are probably stuck with it.