I still have the gel for the face, i just dont have anymore wax strips, what can i use to substitute the wax strips

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  • What else do i need to wax - i bought i kit of wax hair removal and its my first time. its one of those microve formulas.well i opened the box and i thought i had the little strips[[ the ones u use to pull off the wax]] u noe..and i didnt ..the only thing it had was some eye brow liner sticker
  • Hi, i am gettin beard and mustache and i wanna know wether i can use hair removers on them?? DETAILS GIVEN? - so the probs is that i have got mustache and beard and i dont wanna shave or trim cause I DONT WANT THEM. meaning i dont moustaches and hair all over my face , so can i use hair removers to remove them ! Plz zz be help me ! Or what can be its
  • Homemade waxing strips - i have a recipe for the wax, but i don’t have the waxing strips. is there anything i can use as a substitute? i heard typing paper works but idk. User tags:find what can be used as a substute for the strips that come with the waxing kit done at homewhat to use if you ran
  • Is it ok to wax your face - I went to a dermatologist and she did some stuff that I liked but now that I dont go anymore, my facial hair is growing and it is now getting to be more than just peach fuzz. what do i do. I have blonde hair so I cant get that laser hair removal. Is it
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  • What kind of waxing strips come in Sally Hansen’s all over smart wax hair removal kit? - I used all the strips it came with but I still have a lot of wax left over. I want to buy more strips but I don’t know what kind to get. Are they muslin strips? I have also seen texture wax strips?? User tags:find what can be used as a substute for the strips that
  • Waxing? - i tried using those hair removal creams but they burned, stung, and didn’t work reallly well! So now i’m thinking of waxing. i can’t get it professionally done but r those home waxing strips for the face and body okay?what about the Veet waxing strips User tags:find what can be used as a substute for the

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    1. duct tape