Just tell me a good brand if you've tried it before. I'm planning on trying Veet for shaving my legs and maybe shaving my armpits if it works on my legs. Please suggest sensitive skin waxing kits that are good for sensitive armpits. Currently, shaving works horribly for my armpits, and the hair grows back too fast.DO NOT SUGGEST SHAVING, GETTING IT PROFESSIONALLY DONE, OR HAIR REMOVAL CREAMS. Either suggest a waxing kit or don't answer.

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  • What kind of hair removal do you prefer for the bikini area - I used to wax, BUT 1. They never do it well – some hair always stays and other just gets ripped, instead of pulled out, so the effect is the same as from shaving2. It hurts3. You have to wait till hair grows out before you can do it again4. You get ingrown hairs5. You
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  • Which is better Wax strips or Hair removal cream? lol - It depends on where you are planning on using them. If it is your legs, then it’s pretty much a matter of preference and wallet. If you get waxed at a good place, it might cost you but the hair will take longer to grow back and will often come back light and fine rather
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    1. shave it maybe? or even better! get it professionally done. if that doesn’t for just use hair removal creams