I poured Clorox into Bathtub sewage, and it totally clogged the sewage and sometimes come up with dirts, dark-colored particles, etc. What should I do? Any suggestions? I already brought Drain clog remover kind of things.Note: I am thinking Clorox is too strong and might break the sewage.

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    1. Clorox won’t really hurt your plumbing, but Chlorine is a poisonous Gas that should be dealt with carefully. Certain other chemicals, such as ammonia could react with it to form a deadly gas from which you might not escape, so Clorox shouldn’t be used in the drain like this. What I would suggest is to remove the drain grate from your tub, and use a plumbers snake to carefully clean the buildup from your pipes, dislodge any hair balls as well as trapped chemicals from the “s” trap.The snake can be purchased at home depot or stores such as this, and can be used for most of your plumbing clogs. Just remember..when doing dirty jobs..don’t smile.

    2. If it backing up into the tub when you use another fixture ie; kitchen sink then it is a main sewer line plug. It needs to be samked/jetted out and not with a little 1/4″ home depot snake. best bet would be to call a drain cleaning serviceI am a plumber

    3. You need to try heavy duty drain cleaner. It is very toxic and contains Lye, which will severely burn the skin. When used correctly and safely it will clear the drain of hair and other crap blocking you drain. Most home stores like, Home Depot, will have it. I actually bought some at Wal-Mart. Use rubber gloves and be wary of splashing. Follow the instructions exactly. We live in an apartment, so who knows what’s in the drain, but after an hour, it was draining like new. Clorox has no dissolving ability, just disinfecting. Won’t harm the pipes.

    4. This is one of the products that we use-You can get it at Home Depot and Lowe’s (Hercules clobber) Read and follow the directions to the T- As this will burn you.We also use this product and it is non-acid and safer to useBreak-Thru: Dual Action Emergency Drain OpenerIt is the only drain opener that works like an acid, without the acid.Hope this helps