im 15 and i have quite thick dark hair. i hate this, but it effects me most on my stomach.i have dark obvious hairs on my stomach and i have a snail trail that is also obvious.i dont want to wax or shave because i know that it will grow back darker and thicker and even more obvious, and my mum wouldnt pay for it to be lazerd off (or whatever they do) iv been looking at hair lightening creams, but does it work?! and how long for? do you have to buy it regulaly?

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    1. Hair lighteners do work and they are like bleaching the hair on your head, you need to redo them because your ‘roots’ grow in. However, waxing has the opposite affect of what you’re thinking. If you continually wax/pluck hair it grows back more scarce and in some cases, not at all, over time at least. I recommend trying to wax or use a lightening creme.

    2. Buy a hair removal cream honey. I heard the one in Tescos is good. Dont leave it on any longer than five minutes though. When you shave, it doesnt grow back thicker and darker, it just grows back blunt ended which makes it appear this way. Hair removal cream doesnt. I helped my friend with it a while ago but in a different area. Good luck! Charly♥

    3. Don’t even worry about it.think this through VERY carefully.why would you care? If you “get rid of it”, find the “love of your life” and HE (or she) actually CARES about it, you will have to pretend to be someone you aren’t FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!Just be who what you actually are…that way you will only attract folks who LIKE who what you are, and you’ll save a small fortune on crappy products that would not have worked anyway!Seriously, as an old man who has had far more experience in the lady department than someone who looks like me really expected, there is NOTHING unusual or unattractive about the way you look…humans are hairy…Enjoy being’s really the only person you are likely to ever be!

    4. What is a snail trail? LOL

    5. Waxing doesn’t make it grow back thicker or darker. It’s the contrary actually. It will start growing back lighter.