I used to use nair facial hair remover and know i have a 5 o clock shadow that wont go away! I stopped using that cream because of it and know i pluck my moustache. I also get thick coarse hair on my upper lip. It frustrates me because im in highschool so its really embarrasing, and i don't know how to get rid of it and go back to my actual skin tone. Make up is not an option for me my parents wont get it for me. Anything else that could get that part of my skin back to its normal color? Please help!!

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    1. You could shave your facial hairs or body hairs, (Shaving will not make the hair come back thicker, hairy, or change color.) wax, use hair removal creams, pluck the hairs, tweezers the hairs, bleach the hairs, cotton sugaring strips, electronic hair removal, or lazer hair removal. Electronic hair removal or lazer hair removal can be expensive. After you remove your facial hairs or body hairs, wash the area with moisturizing soap, dry body area off, and put moisturizing lotion on your body area. This will put moister back into your skin. Do this twice a day for a couple of weeks and see if this will help with your dark shadow. Society tells girls to look a certain way. I do not believe in what society tells girls to do. I believe that it’s what’s in a person heart that matters and not your body looks. I hope this is helpful. Thank you, Russell

    2. yikes. uhm you should definitaly get it bleached. the hair will still be there but it will be bleached and not noticeable. i think you can buy the bleach kits anywhere. if not just go to a salon and ask! good luck:)

    3. try wax, i use the sally hansen wax.. you microwave it for a couple mins. doesn’t leave a shadow and works great and lasts longer!

    4. HA!