this is really stupid but when i took my wax out of the microwave i spilled it all over the hardwood floor and kitchen counter. Does anyone know good ways to clean up the mess?

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    1. Heat it with a blow dryer and use paper towels. Good luck.

    2. Ice cubes. Freeze the wax and scrape

    3. It ain’t gonna be easy but there are worse things.First scrape up as much of the wax as you can while it’s in a semi-hard state. No sense burning your fingers here. Just do it carefully and use something that won’t scratch the counter or the floor. Going for volume here. An old credit card, a plastic spatula are two tools that come to mind.Then find some absorbent rags. You can use paper towels if you don’t have any. Take the iron, heat it up and lay a piece of tin foil over the area you’re working on. The goal here is to make layers, the cloth or paper towels first, then the tin foil and iron over the foil. The foil will help hold the heat and protect the iron from getting the wax on it (no need to make something else to clean!) and the cloths or paper towels will absorb it. Keep changing the cloths or paper towels as they absorb the wax. Keep after it until it’s almost all gone.Your last step will be a good scrub. Use a kitchen sponge with one of the scrubbers that is safe for no stick cookware. Hot water and Dawn dish detergent would be my first suggestion. You need something with grease busting abilities here. If you don’t have Dawn, you can try whatever you have and add a dose of white vinegar to the hot water. Gently scrub and keep rinsing the sponge as you pick up the film of wax. Ammonia might work (it does remove floor wax) if you have some. I’m allergic to it so I seldom have it on hand. You may have to repeat the scrubbing process a couple times to get it all. But keep after it and you will eventually get it.