HII have one ingrown hair which have reached the area of one mole,an now I can see it on the mole under the skin.What should I do?Thank youuuuu!

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    1. This is unusual! I think you should maybe go to a saloon, let a professional handle that. Like you I also get irritations and ingrown hairs, specially if I shave. However, I am using now a very good hair removal cream that gets rid of hairs in minutes without pain or irritations. Most hair removal creams have strong chemicals so I would get irritations but this cream is a low irritation formula, That I can also use on the bikini area, with natural plant extracts and moisturizers.I donĀ“t experience razor burns, red bumps and ingrown hairs anymore. I hope this is useful for you, you can take a look at this cream at this link below: