i have heard that waxing should be done after 4 weeks of doing it , that because the hair would be growing back to the length where the waxing can be done well. But after waxing my body in a week my hair starts to grow. So, i am planning to do it every two weeks. but yet, they tell me that its not healthy for the skin. It can turn your skin damaged by time. is that true ?added to that, i stopped shaving because of the dark skin colored i have in my bikini area compared to the rest of my body. and i cant get rid of that by waxing ! only by tanning :s help please !

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    1. I think waxing just makes your skin dry. I am not an overly hairy person, but I like to get my eyebrows waxed every 2-3 weeks because I am quite pedantic about them. Waxing is supposedly better than shaving because it eventually kills off the root of the hair and they stop growing back (or so I have heard). Just keep the moisture in your skin. Get an after shower oil and moisturise as well :)

    2. Everyone is different when it comes to hair growth. I wax my eyebrows every 2 weeks with no issues. I haven’t heard of skin damage due to waxing too much but I suppose if you don’t have someone do it right you could end up with calus skin. Why not try sugaring or electrolosis. With the last one eventually hair growth stops all together where you get it.

    3. For everyone it’s different. I’d say to wax when u feel it gets to uncomfortable. But good look hope u get rid of the shade.

    4. i do it the same, every two weeks because my hair grow faster… if your hair grows faster you have to get rid of it and waxing it’s much better than shaving. Just take care of your skin and you won’t have any problem, I’m doing this for years ( not waxing but with the machine and i think it’s the same, my hair grows every two weeks)

    5. after waxing a few times some hairs should stop growing back, however, for permanent results you may wanna try laser hair removal. after the first session i noticed that in some areas the hair did not grow back at all!! try it if you would like, its gonna cost ya a pretty penny, but its painless and the results last forever. because each persons’ skin type is different you may have to get multiple treatments for all hair to be gone. on average you need 5 to 6 treatments.if you have any other concerns you can message me at my facebook or myspace…myspace.com/fearless_interigatorjack.delanuez@facebook.comthanks for reading :) -Jack