Waxing is not an optionShaving ALWAYS leaves stubble and so does hair removle cream! Whats the best way to get rid of it all with 100% no stubble! x

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    1. there is no way you can shave your pubic region with out stubble. the best way is to use shaving cream when doing so and dont be shy about it. if you feel you need it use it. and always use a good razor one that is rust free and sharpe. and be carefull! no body wants damaged goods! take your time and that should help you a bit. if this is still not working for you use a trimmer and dispose your pubes that way. it’ll help with irratation and the stubble. you just wont be bare

    2. Waxing or epilating are the best ways. The regrowth will become softer, and sparser the more you do it.

    3. use battery acid-works every time-no stubble!