In general, Braids make your hair grow because it gives it a break from chemicals, hot curlers, and blow dryers.While your hair is in braids, the roots gets coarse (and coarsed hair grows stronger)Now, you can help your hair grow by taking care of it while in braids.example: greasing your scalp.Micro braids can be a great way to look cute and have braids, but besure to not let them tug on your edges. I recommend you take out any loose looking braids around your edges so they dont pull out.Taking out your micro braids are crucial to your hair falling out. PRACTICE PATIENCE while doing me girl..People usually get frustrated and yanke out their hair, so make sure that you take your time. If you are using scissors to cut the hair down for easier removal, be sure to cut pass your hair...Hope this helps :0)

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    1. depends if the braids are tight or not

    2. they do…but they will break your hair also if they are to tight trust me my hair broke very ******* bad from mirco’s

    3. i always thought stuff like that damaged your hair.

    4. i have never gotten micros but all of my friends say that micros made their hair grow faster then usual

    5. not usually but if they are too tight around the edges,then it will have you looking like sean paul.(no edges).just make sure they arent too tight and they will make your hair grow at a faster pace

    6. Any type of braids will make your hair grow.Just make sure they arent to tight.