My GF and I are growing our leg hairs in our anti hair removal movement.Problem is, I have slow growing hairs, I feel bad when I met up with her (She is Italian, you know).So how do I make them grow big and hairy like her hairs?

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    1. Concentrate really, really hard.

    2. take a hair,skin nails vitamins i take some from Natures Bounty i bought them at rite aid.

    3. shave your legs dont waxif you shave, more hair grows back ;)

    4. Miracle Gro! You know, the stuff you use on plants and gardens (well, I don’t know if you Aussies have it or not) – anyway, they just had a commercial on tv for a bottle of it you hook right to your garden hose so it sprays on your plants when you water them. I’m thinking you could attach the bottle to your shower instead – then all you do is take a normal shower, and enhance your leg hair growth all in one easy step!

    5. crazy, i can’t believe some women HOPE for more hairs…i pray for mine to go away!

    6. ewwwwwww y wud u wanna do that.? j/w,,

    7. If you have access to someone with a horse or pony pop along to the stables with a bucket.Fill the bucket with horse poo and every morning massage the poo into your legs. (If you can manage to wear stockings and keep the poo in contact with your skin all day then all the better)Once the hair has started to grow really thick then TRIM it back. Seriously, the blunt ends of the trimmed hairs will make it look thicker. You only need take off about a millimetre or so and only do this once a week.If you cannot source any horse poo, cow or pig poo can be used as an alternative.

    8. I’ve heard all kinds of old wifes tales…eating jello, drinking more milk, taking more vitamin e, etc.

    9. Hahahahahah this is hilariousAlthough it is sad.Aww man, I feel bad now :( Since I’m nice I suggest you go to one of them make-up/drug stores and act like a gay man and by all the moisturizer **** you can see.Eat healthily too… that’s all I can think of.hmmm, just wait it outOr you could try and make the hairs look darker which would make it look like they are thicker… like rubbing charcole in your hands and putting it on your legs XD Or.. taping your eyelashes to your leg hair.

    10. Getting pregnate w/ boys worked for me. Ready for more babbies?

    11. You can’t force it. Just continue not shaving it and wait.