I just got new closet door mirrors and every time I clean them I notice more and more hairspray residue; looks more like little fine dots that do not come off. I have tried everything, if anyone can provide some ideas of what to use I would be very grateful! So far I have tried vinegar and water, various glass cleaners and even nail polish remover-nothing seems to get it off.

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    1. sounds like it must not be hairspray, bc it would respond to the window cleaners and the polish remover. try WD40. Seriously. It won’t hurt the glass and it removes anything you can think of. If that doesn’t work, try spraying a LOT of window cleaner on and using a single edge blade to see if you can scrape the dots off. I’m wondering if it might be leftover adhesive from the factory or warehouse, some sort of wrapping holder-oner or tape. Keep the surface very wet, though, if you scrape with the blade so as not to scratch the mirror surface. Then just use newspaper to clean off the excess liquid.

    2. Try denatured alcohol or 91% isopropyl alcohol(next to rubbing alcohol).

    3. I would get some really good microfiber cloths. Norwex has the best kind I can think of. Try hairspray to get it off. Seriously. Saturate it and then wipe immediately clean. If that doesn’t work, invest in some good Norwex cloths.

    4. If all else fails, try white spirit applied with some fine steel wool or a kitchen scourer.