HOW DO I GET ALL THE RUST OFF OF MY CURLING IRON?my curling iron has alot of rust on it cuz when i curl my hair i spray the piece of my hair brofore i curl it, so it will curl better... and it kinda has alot of rust. how do i get it all off? i dont wanna buy a new curling iron.. cuz its not that old anyway.thanks :)

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    1. ive heard taking foil and getting it just a little wet gets rust off of metal. i have not tried it myself but people i know have tried it and say it works.

    2. There is something called Whink rust remover, it works like magic getting rid of rust. Will get it out of clothes and kitchen sinks perfectly and pretty much instantly. I think a little of this on a paper towel and rubbing will get rid of it. [external link] gave you a link of what it looks like, you can buy it at most grocery stores and places like walmart. Hope this helps!-Alysha