Every time I shave my vagina with a razor I get red bumps I have tried all razors but they r too rough on my skin , btw I don't want to wax cause I tried and it hurt to much so how do I shave the right way and not get the annoying red bumps. ? Help please

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    1. Use shaving cream or shave it in the shower

    2. I don’t think you can. Maybe with a higher quality razor, you may be able to bypass the bumps, but other wise you may have to wax. Another suggestion is hair remover cream, you simply leave it on for five minutes and wash it of, no red bumps or hair! (With the cream, be careful. It burns the hair of so don’t leave it on too long, and be careful aound sensitive areas around your vagina) hope I helped honey :)

    3. Don’t have a dry shave, use shaving foam or bubbles/foam from soap.Shave in the direction the hair is growing, never go against it.Don’t press too hard with the razor. I know no one presses dramatically hard but you should glide it across without pressure.

    4. A clio shaver works really well, it’s an electric shaver, no pain or bumps. I love it(:

    5. Don’t dry shave and always use a moisturizer after. Shave in the direction the hair grows(down) I found that shaving in all directions causes extreme irritation and the skin there is fairly sensitive. Invest in a nice, sharp razor. Eventually you’ll build endurance to it.