I shave my legs and armpits but they never come out smooth. With my legs, I'll shave and it'll be hairless and smooth but towards the ankle area, I have little black dots of hair that dont shave off. It's like it's there but too short to be shaved off..?With my armpits, the hair never fully comes off when I shave and I always get razor bumps. help?Will buying a shaving cream help with this? I tend to use soap now :/+Unfortunately, I have hair on my back and my stomach. I'm spanish and I have a medium skin tone and brunette hair. I know it's noticeable and I dont like having. What do I do? I was thinking about laser hair removal but is it worth it? How expensive will it be for each body part all together? (legs, armpits, back and stomach)nair burns your skin so i dont use it and shaving is becoming almost hopeless to me now. I would wax it but i heard at-home waxing isnt recommend and I dont feel like getting practically my whole body waxed every 2 weeks

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    1. the black dots on your legs are probably keratosis pilaris

    2. I use nair, it takes longer, but it gets everything like really smooth