I am african american and no matter how much do grow or other growing products i put in my hair it doesn't grow. It is natural and everytime i take a shower my hair turns into one big afro. I think i might relax it and put in a weave, but that would be soo embarrassing please help.

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    1. Vitamins for hair growth [external link] . Head Massage [external link] .

    2. Hey Yvone, try these two websites, they have helped me a lot with my hair issues.One is Black Hair [external link] the other is Long Hair Care Forum [external link] give super advice. Hope that helps.

    3. By using a relaxer it will help it to be more manageable, straight styles are in so go for it! use gel to help with your style only use mouse when you want more body, there is a product called Aussie its leave in conditer and gel it works great! also go for trims every 6 weeks, this will help you hair to grow. and eat protein like meat, the more protein in your system the faster it Will grow, this is also true for your nails.

    4. Folic acid (vitamin) does wonders for hair and nails…So does prenatal vitamins (probable the folic acid in them).Best wishes!

    5. Just buy a straighter it will help!

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    7. Keep trimming and buy some hair food babe. Put NO more gunk in your hair! Putting in a weave and wearing it 24 7 for the rest of your life will only thin in out even more. Treat it well.

    8. eat sea vegetables like kelp, seaweed, you can find these in pill form at any wild oats store of health food, sometimes you can also find them at walgreens in the health isle. Try this, it sounds gross but read more about it and try it, they have lots of vitamins and minerals that you need anyways. Good luck.