The best thing to do is to avoid getting razor burn in the first place.I found this article that is specifically for avoiding razor burn in the bikini area but the tips should work anywhere. [external link]

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  • Laser Hair Removal for Bikini Line - I’m 20 years old and I’ve had enough of my bikini line razor burn. I have very sensitive skin, so shaving causes HORRENDOUS razor burn, to the point where I don’t even want to wear bathing suit without shorts covering the bottoms at the beach, because its so ugly and painful. The gels to clear


    1. make sure u use plenty of shaving cream and a sharp razorlack of these things can cause sever razor burntheres not much u can do for it

    2. You need proper skin care for that read some tips on it on this site

    3. try shaving in the shower with a nice sharp razor. The steam helps me alot and I dont get razor burn. However if I shave outside of the shower I do.Adam Beazley [external link]

    4. I know this one ….shave with conditioner it works. I swear

    5. cocoa butter