I found a lump in my armpit this morning and its really painful. What could this be

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    1. I am horrified at the stupidity of SOME of the answers given here (there a couple that deserve reading and gratitude. Th rest – though – could simply cause harm by miss directing you into the wrong thinking. Be careful). This is what I know. Check this out with a REAL doctor though.1. OBSERVE if if becomes reddish, you notice a ‘head’ with a red tip. It could mean an infectious pimple, product of an hair follicle that got infected. This may take a couple of days to ‘mature’.The doctor – when you go – will either burst it there or give you antibiotics to combat it, depending on the severity of the pimple’s infection. They can be hurtful sometimes.2. If the ‘lump’ does not seem to be ‘attached’ to the rest of tissue of the arm, it means a gland, whose purpose is to suppress the spread of cancer cloning cells to the rest of the body; this seems less like for you. It can also mean that you have an infection locally (arm, hand, etc) and the gland prevented from going any further. They are part of the immune system.3. At no moment you must allow the removal of tissue from it (biopsy), simply because if they have not determined the CAUSE or ORIGEN of the THING that causes its inflammation, you may have a ‘metastasis’ of the cells the gland has retained, at the time the blood flows OUT of the lump into the blood stream. Before that, the surgeon may administer antibiotics to eliminate any possibilities of spread (in the case of an inflammation of the elbow tendons, consequently affected with a local mild infectious bout).

    2. Yes, it needs to be removed and tested for cancer or pre-cancer. It is likely benign. But it may become cancerous.

    3. cancer, diabetes, see a doctor to get it removed

    4. Perhaps an ingrown hair or infected hair follicle? Apply heat compresses several times a day until it comes to a head and bursts. If you pop it, make sure you have clean hands, make sure it’s fully drained, clean with hydrogen peroxide and apply antibiotic ointment. Cysts and cancerous lumps are usually not “really painful” but please see a doctor if the above doesn’t help.

    5. It sounds like a lymph node, it should not be a problem and should go away in a few days.