3 months ago i waxed my upper lip. it was reddish after and slowly turned into a scab. it eventually peeled off but now after 3 moths i am left with this shadow and dark skin on my upper lip that looks like a mustache. i have got a very importanat wedding to attend to and i dont want to cover it up with make up. i want any advice on cremas or home remedies to get rid of it in a a short amount of time. the wedding in in about 2 weeks. need to get rid of it in that time. plzz help..urgen...i dont like going outside my house because of the ugly thing on my upper lip.:(

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    1. Use some scar healing cream like mederma and keep it moisturized.

    2. im thinkin put aloevera on it and when you go out sun tan lotion well best of luck

    3. sad, but u are not going 2 ever get rid of it. it is a tan. when u get waxed, they should let u know that u r sensitive 2 the sun, if u had a bad reaction then the sun burnt ur skin under the scab..well, there u are. nothing u can do. wear sun block all of the time!if u bleach it with cremes, it will be more sensitive to the sun.laser is the only fix.

    4. That’s a scar. And the only way to get rid of it is to 1) give it time, 2) go to a dermatologist and get a cream such as Mederma that is used for reducing the appearance of scars, or 3) makeup! There is nothing wrong with wearing makeup to cover up imperfections.

    5. put wash off fake tan as it may never go away just for the day so at the end it will wash off :) hope i helped

    6. Your dermatologist can help recommend a good cream for your skin to help lighten the scar. Mederma may make you break out if you have sensitive skin (the upper lip is a very sensitive area). I use differin on my face for minor acne and not only is it preventative for breakouts but also helps with scarring by reducing the color of them. I’ve had many problems in the past trying to take care of the problem that is the upper lip area! My skin has been burned by both waxing done by a “professional” (both the original kind of wax and the more gentler green wax) and with kits like Sally Hansen and Jolene for bleaching. In the future I recommend a Womens Facial Hair Trimmer like this one: [external link] ;_ylt=Avwl9lxdsWw6TzBo8O9Imsw7SxoF?clink=dmss//ctx=sc:1291,c:1291,mid:55,pid:2001360733,pdid:55,pos:13 If money is no object then talk to your dermatologist about laser hair removal (it’s best to have laser hair removal done by a dermatologist, especially if you’re having it done on your face)Good luck and I’m sure you’ll look beautiful at the wedding no matter what!