I have died my hair countless times, during the past 4 years maybe? Anyway, about 4/5 months back, i had my hair stripped at the hairdressers, i wanted to go red from black and pink, and it turned out ****. the colour stripper was **** and i got stuck with a **** reddish brown and i hated it. I died over it with a schwarzkopf live color xxl 'red passion' or something and alls that did was dye my scalp haha. so i started working on geting rid of the colours, and now, to this day, my fringe(which was died pink) is ginger/brown/light brown/blonde and also, VERYdry and the rest of my hair is a mixture of dark brown and reddish tints. I am NOT going back to the hairdresser, as i wasted 75 pound on something i wasnt happy with so i came across the colour b4 hair colour remover from my friends, who have also used it and said it works a treat. so i want to buy it, but my mum, being a mum, said 'wait and go the hairdressers, because your hair is in poor condition and it might make it worse' she may or may not be right. i dont want to end up bald. but i bought aussie 3 minute constructive conditioner and im going to use ALOT tonight and leave it on for more than 3 minutes haha. i'm just basially asking if it will be safe on my hair, i am getting my hair cut soon, having it shorter, because my hair is dead as it hasnt been cut in ages and my straighteners have added damage. so yeah, will it be safe.thanks a mill!

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    1. I used that not long ago, it’s completely safe. I feel the need to quote the box, just cos it’s here, ‘Safe gentle, colour b4 contains no bleach or ammonia and the after buffer treatment means you can re-colour your hair immediately after applying’ etc, etc.But yeh, it barely did anything to my hair and I’d only dyed it for a few months not 4 years, so I’m not sure if you’d get any amazing results if I’m honest. Go for it if you want, see if it works for you, it’s a lot cheaper than the hairdresser anyways:)