so i got extensions a while back and was due them out 2 weeks ago but my hairdresser which i add (v . unreliable) cancelled my appointment 3 times , so i decided to take them out myself , i removed some of the bonds and all of the hair by using hair straightners, but the bonds that are left are really heavily matted and knotted into my hair , will keratin remover get them out ? please help i really need a hair cut but cant with these monsters in thanks

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    1. you need pure

    2. I removed my knotted ones with nail varnish remover. My hairdresser said that was fine just as long as you condition you hair loads after.hope that helps maybe stick to clip ins, i do now xx

    3. Go ahead and schedule that appointment for a haircut, right now. While I have no idea if it will remove it or not, you can always try. If it doesn’t, ask the hairdresser when you go and see them. They should be able to help you out.

    4. I was in exactly the same situation last year. I literally had a whole head of matted hair and glue stuck in! I tried everything… the bond remover just didn’t work, it wasn’t strong enough. I tried nail polish remover which seemed to loosen some of it. Then I soaked my hair in olive oil for a whole day and combed out some more of the glue.I was picking glue out of my hair for 3 weeks!Go to a proper wholesale hair place and buy some of the strongest bond/glue remover and that should do the trick. I wish I had done that instead of going at it with hair straighteners!xx

    5. ok if ur bonds are keratin/protein… then nail varnish remover with acetone should work.the solution used to dissolve the bonds is acetone, which also in nail varnish remover.also, putting conditioner at your roots should help loosen the bonds as well.just be very careful when getting the bonds out, dont pull at the extension hair too much as u may pull your own hair out. make sure u deep condition your after removing the extensions.usually they shud be removed by a professional but if ur really desperate, be careful.