i have tried alot of razors thats are and arnt disposable razorsmy dad is getting sick of buying so many and when i shave there smooth in the shower and as SOON as i step out there prickly no matter what i use i cant seem to get them and keep them smooth and i dont know what im doing wrong i shave the right way and everything. they just wont stay smooth. is there any ideas on what i can use? im thinking about getting lazor hair removal but i dont know what the cost for that is in michigan and i dont know where i could get it done at yet. does anybody know how old u have to be to get it donee? also,i have hair folocules sorry if i spelt that wrong. but doesanybody know how to get rid of those? im scared to showoff my legs becuase you can see them really bad.

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    1. Get into waxing and as it pulls out the root you will find as time goes on your legs will get smoother and stay that way for longer.every hair has follicle [external link]

    2. umm i don’t know much about shaving but i would exfoliate before you shave. some people say to put oil or lotion on when you finish but i think it helps to wait until a half hour after you’ve shaved to put any on. when you’re shaving your knees, try doing it side to side. this helps me but it might not for you. maybe you could try waxing too.here are some places in Michiganthis [external link] places i’ve found won’t treat anyone under 13hope this helps :)

    3. your legs stay prickly because you shave to much. shave less often try shaving less during the winter beacuse your getting permenent stuble which will go away if you grow it outalso if youve grown it out then you can wax them you do it 1 a month and you dont have stuble. the french do it that way

    4. I never shave because I used to have the same problem. I started using hair removal cream years ago and its the most effective for my legs. Its basically a thick cream that you apply onto your legs and leave for 5-10 minutes, then use the shower to spray it off and it comes with a soft plastic thing that helps to scrape it off. Its a bit messy but really effective and for me, it takes 2-3 weeks before the hair starts growing back. Go to your local chemist and look for Veet or Nair, they are the popular brands. You can do a small patch test on your skin to ensure you have no allergic reaction, but you will be amazed at the results.

    5. Theres veet hair removal cream. You apply it to the hairy area and then use the spatula to scrape the hair off.It is not as painful as I’ve made it sound ahaha :) I use this, i works wonders. Hope this helps x

    6. You should try waxing. Instead of cutting the hairs, it pulls them out.