i want only home remedies, no waxing or anything like thati have read somewhere about applying lemon. and honey for unwanted facial hair, does it really work, i mean does it remove the hair or just bleach it?please suggest remedies that might have worked for you.thx in advance :)

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    1. Thanakam (Will be available in ayurvedic storesif ur in india . Ask with the same name.)Kusumala Nune(Safflower Oil)First of all remove the hair cleanly.Grind Thanakam in kusuma oil to make a paste.Apply this paste on the place and massage it well.Do this for 100 days.This is a permanent remedy and works for sure.

    2. Listen honey, all us girls want to be hair-free lol But using that lemon stuff just bleaches it, doesn’t remove the hair. Shaving your body parts I think is just eh not so good and I love making my own wax at home..instead of all the chemicals and stuff they put in the home waxing kits. Just use sugar lemon and water. I actually got laser hair removal for some body parts and it’s just amazing. Other than that, you’re just going to have to pick one of these things or maybe learn how to thread your own hair. They have youtube videos to teach you how to self-thread. Good luck