I am flying by myself for the first time and even though I checked the airline websites to check what is ok to bring I am worried I may bring something that they won't let me bring. I already have all my shampoos, face wash, soap, etc in bottles less then 3oz. I am packing light b/c I am only taking a weekend trip and I really don't want to check baggage in. Is it ok if I bring a hair straightener? Pretty much I want to know what they don't want people bringing on a plane!

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    1. straightening irons are deffinatley aloud – i put mine in my travel bag because my case was full from a U.K flight and it was no worries. i also put a hairdryer in.for cosmetics and stuff like shampoo you may be asked to put them in a clear separate bag but you should be ok

    2. You can’t bring:1. Anything sharp like knives, nail files, scissors, pointy combs etc.2. Anything flammable like nail polish remover, paint, paint thinner etc.3. Corrosive materials like lye, Draino, acid.Youv’e already got the thing about not bringing fluids in containers over 3oz. Note; things like chap stick counts as fluids too, as it turnes fluid at relatively low temperatures.Straightening iron is ok.

    3. To correct another answer, scissors under 4inches and soft nail files are allowed. The hair straightener is allowed, but it may require extra screenings as the heating coils are similar to the innards of a bomb. And be sure that those liquids are in the ziploc and removed during the screening process.