It is standard practice for police stations to make males who are arrested take off their shirts before taking their mug shots? Three of my friends were arrested last night after a party and when I looked on the local station's police website - which publishes all mug shots of arrestees over a 24 hour period- the three of them were all shirtless in their pictures. It was probably pretty embarrassing for one of them, who has a hell of a lot of chest hair and is always self-conscious of this.

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    1. Why have you seen so many and I haven’t?

    2. People get angry and they get hot. They actually take off their own shirts.Some aggressive people actually strip down to their underwear without even thinking about it because they get so heated.Excited delirium.

    3. More likely you friends ran or fought with the police. Ripped and bloodied shirts are removed.Ripped taken, because like belts and shoelaces the already ripped clothing is felt by do- gooder groups to assist those who become suicidal. First time arrestees are the one most likely to attempt suicide.Photos are taken. If not enough clothing for the inmate they are given either clothing or a tyvek jumpsuit for temporary protection.

    4. Please post a link for the website. I have NEVER seen a mug shot where the person was not wearing a shirt. I have RARELY seen a mugshot where the person was not wearing a JAIL ISSUED shirt. Also note: I have yet to see a police website that updated ANYTHING over the weekend. The last time I had reason to look, it took a week just to post a police report WITHOUT photos.