so ive been lookingg.. and i was wondering can tea tree oil help ingrown hairs down there? i cant wax cos im allergic and nair burns! just to clear things.. tried all different things like hair minimising cream havent worked still gets black dots.. will tea tree oil get rid of those ingrown hairs/black dots many thanks

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    1. Tea tree oil is a natural antimicrobial and it will help with any cuts, scrapes, or skin irritation. Applying tea tree oil to the skin after shaving or waxing can help prevent issues. If you have existing ingrown hairs, however, you need to exfoliate to remove them. Products with a chemical exfoliant like salicylic acid will help unplug the trapped hair from the pore. I swear by Tend Skin for any ingrown hairs, works every time. [external link] exfoliating before you do any hair removal: shaving, waxing, tweezing to prevent ingrown hairs and irritation and to get the best result. I hope this helps!