I bought a box of Natural Insticts (semi-permanent) hair dye in Cinnaberry, a medium reddish brown and I applied it this morning. The color on the box looked very close to my natural hair color, so I purchased to cover growing-out highlights. OMG, instead of being a pretty reddish-brown, it's purple! Will applying another semi-permanent color with more golden/yellow undertones cover the purple? Or is there a "over-the counter" type product I can use to remove the color without damaging my hair?Thank you. This is the first time I've colored my hair at home and I feel like a failure :(

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    1. Wait! Dyeing your hair IS Chemistry! 1st of all, i think Natural Instincts is Clairol – call them for advice! Your hair pulled purple probably from whatever you already had in your hair. Dyes have base colors – g for gold (which pulls reddish or orange…v for violet.n for neutral which contains all of the base elements and can pull any which way, etc…! It can be very tricky knowing what to do next – your color may turn green if you’re not careful! Also, there is a product called metal-ex that can strip the color out but it is VERY damaging!Personally, I would go to a hairdresser for a correction! GOOD LUCK!

    2. Don’t feel bad,the same thing happend to me and I have been coloring my hair for a long time! What worked for me after I was done freaking out was: First I waited a few days,maybe 4,I washed my hair and conditioned at least once a day rinsing very well.This helped tone down the color a little bit.Still purple hair so I bought my ususal brand Colorsilk by Revlon in a shade that said golden in it to counteract the purple.It worked! It was a little more of an auburn color than I wanted,But since your looking for a reddish result I think it should work out fine for you.Hey,it takes some experimenting to find out what works so hang in there.I’m sure you’ll get the color you want.Good luck!

    3. Ahh you fell victim to the Cinaberry. Don’t feel bad this particular color has tricked many people. You can do everything the box says and the end result is purple for most people. I have been there myself. Hair dye takes around 48 hours to fully set into the hair. So acting fast will get you better results at removal. If you have a Sallys hair supply near you go and by a bottle of Uncolor semi-permanent remover. This doesn’t work everytime and you will need to use a hair dryer to keep the hair warm. It is definatley worth a shot though. Another trick is washing the hair with baking soda or using liquid dish soap. I recently used the dish soap trick to remove quite a bit of permanent red that went wrong. I had good results and it caused no damage. Also if you call the 800# they can tell you what dye you might use to tone the color down. Good luck.

    4. Why would you want to cover the purple color?Purple is a nice hair color to have.