i shave almost everyother day because i have very thick hair. but i always seem to get these red bumps that look like pimples all over my legs or bikini area. what is a good way of getting rid of it?

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    1. Well im a guy but it appears you have really sensative skin. I dont know how you are shaving but it appears its ripping the hair out of your leg. That will cause a small red bump, like it will on a guys neck.If you are using something automatic you might want to try a razor. If you are trying a razor, try a different kind. Or try a different cream. Even try shaving cream like guys use.

    2. hey try steaming you skin after you shavethis may help or try NAIR its messy but you wont have to shave as often

    3. First and foremost, make sure you have a good razor. No cheapos. I’m 26 and I just figured this out. Also make sure your not cold and getting chill bumps. Try warming up the room first. I always turn the shower on hot all the way and shut the door. When the room is warm and steamy I start the shaving (with a good razor), and moisturizing shaving cream. After shaving I put conditioner on my legs. (Herbal Essences the pink bottle) and then rinse it off. Your legs will feel and smell good.

    4. The best solution is of course prevention. Use shaving cream (even regular hair conditioner can work to soften the hairs and make them easier to shave off), moisturize, and exfoliate; and avoid going over the same spot more than once as this can irritate the skin. If you already have bumps, a way to reduce the redness can be ice or even red-reducing eyedrops. and as always, moisturize!

    5. Use a good 3-4 blade razor, and don’t press to hard, go gently. Don’t stroke to fast, go slowly. (I’ve got this problem, face, not legs!). Put your gel or cream on like 5 minutes before you shave, and do it after you shower. It’ll help soften the hair. If it’s still happening, shave with the grain, not against. It’s not as smooth, but it may stop the bumps.Otherwise, use one of those depilatory sprays or creams. Or wax. I hear *ahem* they’re a lot better now then they were.Just…don’t try them on your face. At least, if you’re a guy like me (which you aren’t) turns out they really mean it when they say it isn’t meant for that!Oh, btw, it could be you’re shaving too frequently. I have that problem, if I don’t skip two days I get red bumps.Ouch…

    6. First, using a better razor than the cheap generic kind. Even though it is dreadful to spend a tad more on a better razor, smoother and irritation-free skin can be more rewarding, especially because summer is arriving. From a personal view, I recommend the Schick’s Intuition shaver (which is the shaver with the built in soap shown in a few commercials.) Because razor burns are the cause of the razor removing the moisture within the skin on your legs, having these soap edges built in allow the blade to cut the hair with ease with a moisturizing soap following after it. However, for more prevention, I recommend moisturizing before and after shaving. Also, shaving in hot water may help the blade glide better.The most important thing is moisture moisture moisture; dry skin is far more prone to razor burns.I hope this helped, and good luck :D

    7. try using conditioner instead of shaving cream. Seriously…hair conditioner. try it

    8. I once asked a dancer the same question and she said she wipes plain stick deoderant on the area after shaving.

    9. You have razor burn and/or ingrown hairs. I reccomend you don’t shave anymore, (or at least don’t shave your bikini line, legs might be okay) at least until the razor burn heals, and then try a hair removal cream, you won’t get a rash, I suggest nair sensitive formula with aloe. To help speed the healing of the razor burn, use aloe and tea tree oil. Sometimes it also works to apply deoderant right after you shave down there, or to place a damp, warm washcloth over the area right after you shave. If you do shave again, make sure the razor burn HAS healed, you don’t want to nick the bumps or make the area bleed or become more imflamed. So, if the razor burn does heal, and you decide your brave enough to shave again, (I don’t reccomend it, especially bikini line), remember to EXFOLIATE, exfoliate, exfoliate, before hand. Now I don’t mean scrub the area excessively, you’ll only irritate it, just find a nice exfoliating cream and rub the area. Also make sure to use a SHARP razor, I can not express the importance of the razor being sharp enough and make sure shaving is the last thing you do in the shower. The pores need to moisturized and open and wet long before you shave. There are also lots of creams in stores for the bikini area. If you have very sensitive skin and the nair is too harsh for you, try a silvandene cream, (but I’m sure you’ll be fine), if you feel you need a longer lasting treatment, try waxing- in a salon would be best at first. Not only would they do a great job, but they could reccomend a at-home waxing kit for you if you find professional waxing is too expensive. If you decide to try waxing on your own, I reccomend a cold waxing formula, (where you don’t heat the wax), if you go to http://www.drugstore.com you’ll find a ton of products and reviews to help make your decision easier. Razor burn is such a pain and ‘m sorry you have to deal with it. Best of luck! Hope I helped!