Everytime i shave or nair my vagina the hair comes off but red dotts are left or it is not completley smooth. Pleaseeeeeeee help hellpp me i need somee advicee

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    1. moisurise, erm.. sorri, im really bad at spellin, but yh, moisurise. and get a better shaver, for a closer shave!

    2. if you use a guy razor it works a bazillion times better but u have a higher rate of cutting yourself.an after you save you should take conditioner an it makes it smooth as ****. Report Abuse

    3. The red dots are hair folicles.Sometimes you get ingrown hair infections – or just the hair growing back irritates.My wife removed nearly all of her hair – getting laser hair removal treatments.The treatments were not entirely comfortable – and it took about 5 treatments to finish the entire job – but afterward – it never grew back. No more shaving, no more stubble, no more ingrown hairs. Perfectly smooth. She just did the hair between her legs – near the vagina and anus – not the pubic hair up front.I believe each treatment was something like $100 bucks or so, perhaps a bit more. But she was happy with it.

    4. Sorry its not possible espescially with shaving. You should try waxing, it gives you a little better of a result. But even without that it will never be perfectly smooth. I would suggest some witch hazel to prevent the bumps. Or there are plenty of products on the market that can help you out, but I’ve used them all and nothing totally elimiates it.

    5. its cuz u shouldnt shave itits getting irritatedleave it alone

    6. No joke. rub olive oil or baby oil on it. its works really well. Do that before and after you shave oil before and baby after. Clean close shave. Nair may be an alergic reaction..