I shave my pubes about a week ago and since then my balls or atleast the pubes hav been insanely itchy. I thought it wuz my balls so i tried anti itch cream to stop it then i thiught it was jock it so i used spray n creme. Ive used the jock itch stuff for the last 4 5 days or so. But i just relaized im itchy cuz my pubes. Will wut i did with the other cremes n spras affect how long itll take fpry pubes tp stop itching?What can i use to maken them stop itching??How much longer will it take for them to stop itching??

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    1. Apply a little BABY OIL daily to the affected area to help calm the itch.

    2. It is the sharp-cut edges of the emerging regrowth which causes the itching. As hairs mature, natural wear causes the ends to develop a smooth taper which does not irritate the skin. So to stop the itching, you need to keep the hair permanently shaved so there is no regrowth, or let it grow back.Alternatively, do as I do and use Veet Hair Removal Spray For Sensitive Skin. This dissolves the hair and the re-growth is softer and without a sharp end. No itch, no rash and no razor nicks.

    3. Either keep em shaved at all times or its gunna stop when there not prickily anymore. Also, they make creams specifically for this problem. Just look some up on google. Edit: I started using an electric beard shaver and it does wonders. Might wanna try it. I keep the razors for my face.

    4. shave downwards and not upwards. Do it in the way the hair grows and it don’t itch. If you do it the wrong way only itches for a few days till they grow thru the top of ur skin againthen your fine

    5. A simple answer will be to “Shave”. Or just trim it down their..

    6. They should stop itching after a while of shaving, I don’t remember how long it took for me to stop itching but your skin will eventually adapt to it.I say give it a month of shaving upwards every several days with a 5 bladed razor.I remember I was 15 when I got into the habit of shaving it when I was almost 16 I remember I didn’t have those itches.Try putting acne cream on it or scratching it with a plastic brush.This is 2011, pubic hair is out of style. Let’s make 2011 the year that we all rebelled against the tradition of keeping pubic hair.Go to my profile read my blog about why there’s nothing wrong with pubic hair removal. *Vote best answer*

    7. i went thru the same thing when i was in my early teens… i finally settled on doing a light trim once in awhile with a beard trimmer. but generally speaking, shaving ur balls will just make them itch.

    8. You need to keep few things in your mind for shaving you genitals. 1- never use razer which you use on your face; always use fresh one2- you may shave with your leather shaving cream3- rub some oil on your genitals before applying shaving cream. 4- after shaving; dry your self fully and apply some talcum powder (menthol recommended) 5- wear fresh clean undies you will stop having that itch!