In the shower today I noticed a pretty big lump on my outer labia (external only, not near vaginal opening). It kind of hurt, and upon closer inspection I think it might be an ingrown hair? It just looks like a huge zit or pimple, gross, I know. I do shave that area pretty frequently. I am also sexually active but I don't think this is related to sex or an STD because there is only one bump, I have no other sores or lesions and it looks nothing like a wart (it's smooth and white on top). I tried to pull out the hair but I don't think I got it out. I put a warm compress on it, and some hydrogen peroxide/neosporin. I don't really want to go to the dr over this if it's just an ingrown hair. My last boyfriend and I were together for 8 months and I never had sex with anyone but him. I also never had an issue with bumps before. What do I do to treat it

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    1. usually a warm compress and a bit of searching with tweezers will remedy the problem. It does sound like an ingrown hair to me. Occaisionally you will need to visit a doctor to help with the problem, particularly if the area is very swollen or persists for more than a couple of days. Don’t let it go too long and keep the area clean, last thing you want is an infection, ouch!

    2. I’ve had an ingrown hair also, I don’t think it was the size of yours tho. I put some tweezers in some alcohol and then popped it and some puss came out. I plucked the hair tho.

    3. I had the same thing happen to me. Warm compresses worked, it just took a few days to get it to come to the surface. Shaving usually is the culprit, but if you use an aftershave (made for bikini shaving!!) it will help keep the pores from clogging. Mildly washing with a gentle exfoliater (externally only!) will also remove any skin cells that can cause hair to grow under the skin.

    4. Stop shaving so close! You might want to get a pair of tweezers to try to pull the hair out or use a toothpick to go between both sides that go into the skin and lift it out.