I have nair for men but it " legs, back, chest and arms" could i still use it

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    1. shave with a lot of shaving cream.after rub on deodorant so it doesn’t itch.

    2. fix that link jay, i would be interested to see what you pulled up on that one…it’s gonna sting down there! trim it down with an electric hair clippers on the lowest guard setting, then shave with baby oil in a hot bath… rinse in the shower, and allow to air dry with more baby oil… do this every couple of days for a few weeks until the skin is used to the shaving…

    3. here is a video that shows you how to remove pubic hair: [external link]

    4. You are not supposed to put that stuff anywhere near that area, it says that right on the side of the box, just carefully use a pair of scissors and just trim it, never shave it all off because once it starts to grow back it itches really bad.

    5. Just go to your local hardware store and pick up some duct tape.

    6. only if you like pain. whats wrong with looking like a man? we get questions all day long from kids who can’t wait for puberty.

    7. Im pretty sure you could use it, as long as it doesnt touch the sensitive parts..

    8. id imagine you could still use it, you could just shave with a razor, get waxed but that might be very painfull.