I’ve bleached may hair practically white about 2 months ago and dyed over it with a black dye that’s washes out, my hairs now silver/grey in color. I know toner strips your hair of that yellowy color when you first bleach your hair, but will it strip the dye?

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Im an actor cast to play a prepubescent boy in a play and am required to be shirtless for a portion of it. I need an easy way to remove chest hair and hair down to below the waist line. It would be awesome if there was something that would last quite a while so that i wouldn’t have to do it all the time. Something that I can get at like Walgreens or something like that.

i am a girl and i was wondering should i shave pluck or wax my mustache and if i wax it will it ever get as dark as like mr eyebrows or hair like will it ever get as thick and dark as hair? even if i wax for the rest of my life or something and if i stop will it grow longer? and will it stop growing back after i wax it for like 30 years or something? and so ya but mainly how dark will it get? and what should i do wax shave or pluck. and should if i wax what product should i use

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So, I wrote in a previous question about my orangy root. Let me give a quick rund down of my hair. Always dyed never natural, starting playing with it 2 months ago, highlights,dark brown dye, medium twice and light ash brown dye once, and then a semi perm medium. The dark was too dark, mediums didnt lift lighter, and light ash brown made an orange root so I went for a medium wash out. Little did I know dye on top of dye makes it darker,.and darker! Hair right now is dark brown with reddish in it, and a reddish root, I want to get all the color out and dye it like a nice medium color.will Haircolor Remove Kits work? And how bad will my hair feel? Thanks ALL!

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  • what can i use to remove my hair color and not ruin my hair?

I really am starting to have low self esteem … It all started when I messed around with my best friend Josh.(I knew him for eight years).. I really started to like him alot. Then he dumped me for a 16 year… I wasn’t ready for sex yet and he said i was hairy and stuff. I started to shave and it made it worse …Now i have hair on the left side of my chin …and fine hair on my moustache…I hate myself

Well im going around asking questions and i need the best solution… does it work before i try it because everyone is saying that washing up liquid (detergent) will make my hair color fade, with the help of baking soda.. will it work ?

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  • dawn dish liquid baking soda & vinegar to remove hair dye in hair

Hello,so, im a guy with fairly dark hair and i bleached it 3 days ago using a bleaching creamit was all perfect and naturally good looking with no side effects whatsoever until i realized that my natural hair color was growing back, giving me little, (but barely noticeable for the moment) dark hair rootsi really don’t regret doing that bleach, because, as a whole, it looks so much better now than it did before.. but this “monochrome” hair might disappear in a near future :( so basically, my questions are:how can i use a safe treatment to not affect but preserve my bleached arm hair and keep on bleaching the dark roots?i thought about using the lemon/spray solution daily, would that be okay considering the fact that i already bleached-creamed my arm hair a few days ago? by the way, i don’t consider going in the sun for 2 hours everyday :o in this case, would the lemon just bleach my dark hair roots leaving the creamed-bleached hair unaffected?or could I simply just continue on applying my bleach cream every 3-4 days (lightly) just to fight off these evil roots?and last solution, would peroxide interfere with my bleached hair? i don’t want it to turn pink or something weird like that!i heard that peroxide and lemon are not dangerous for the skin so a daily and little use of them could maybe lighten these roots?so really, will the peroxide and the lemon juice affect the bleached hair or should I continue on cream bleaching my arm hair regularly?i tried looking everywhere on the internet, but no one seems to have the same situation as I do.oh, shaving/waxing is obviously out of the question! i kinda do like my arm’s hair, but not so dark :) so it’s really about fighting the dark roots on a regular basis that would not affect my skin or turn my hair’s color into something monstrousthanks so much!

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