I have the option to purchase a Groupon that gives me 7 laser hair removal treatments for $99. I’ve researched the clinic, and it IS a reputable and well reviewed establishment. I’m pretty sure I’m going to purchase the package, but I’m torn between whether I should use it on my armpits or my bikini line. It’s not for larger areas (legs) and I don’t have any other unwanted body hair.Right now I’m leaning more towards bikini line, although never having to go, “Oh crap, I forgot to shave my armpits!” is also really appealing. Which would YOU do? If you’re comfortable telling me why, please do! Any help I can get is appreciated.

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Your digestive system cannot digest hair. Therefore, the hair would sit in your stomach until you have to get it surgically removed far in the future. I saw on Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, this girl who chewed on her hair as a kid. She ended up having a stomach ache for 4 straight years. It was a long time ago, so nobody knew what was wrong with her. She ended up dying at a very young age. They did an autopsy, and when they did, they found a 16 pound hairball. Gross. So from my guess, it probably wouldn’t be very good.

I’m fifteen, and beauty is a big part of my life. I have a problem with armpit hair though. I havedark hair, so when I shave my armpits it still hastraces of hair that is seen under the skin. It reallybothers me. I might be wrong, and I may just bea careless shaver, but I feel as if I try to shave well.I was wondering if any of you any good ideas on whatto do, or any other suggestions. Thanks.

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if in the future as i am only a teenagerand when i want to have private things with my boyfriendshould i get brazilian wax?at the moment i get wax regularly my legs lol and it hurts so much ..lolyeah i am quite fragile but i think its normal that it really hurts anywayshould i get brazilian wax?please helpx